Dizziness Solutions, LLC

Office Hours are 9am-6pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 10am-2pm Saturday. The best way to get in touch with us (during and after office hours) is through email.

Mailing Address
Dizziness Solutions
645 N Michigan, Suite 404
Chicago IL, USA 60611

Contact: Jane (Qin) Chen, Ph.D.
Phone: 312-784-2987
Fax: 312-376-8707
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Expert Witness Services

Dizziness Solutions provides expert opinions concerning medical issues involving dizziness, hearing, and related neurology.

Our primary consultants are Dr. Timothy Hain and other professionals at Chicago Dizziness and Hearing (CDH) clinic. As the principal physician at CDH, Dr. Hain is board certified in Neurology and is a Professor (Emeritus) at Northwestern University in Chicago Illinois, USA. He has published more than 100 papers and chapters on dizziness and hearing disorders, including recent review articles regarding Bilateral Vestibular Loss (the consequence of gentamicin ototoxicity) and Cervical Vertigo (which may result from whiplash). Dr. Hain has had extensive experience as an expert witness. To view or download Dr Hain's 2013 curriculum vitae, click here.

Our current fee schedule for expert witness work is loosely based on 2009 SEAK National Guide to Expert Witness Fees and Billing Procedures. Our rates are average according to the survey in the field of Otolaryngology. For an itemized list of fees or inquiry about expert witness, please send us an email.


Dizziness Solutions provide self-help and other educational materials, including DVDs, to help individuals understand, cope, alleviate or overcome dizziness and balance problems. Follow this link for more information.

Medical Billing

Dizziness Solutions also provides medical billing services to its partners.

Office location

We are located in downtown Chicago, one block east of Northwestern Memorial Hospital. The entrance of the clinic is on Erie, just east of Michigan avenue. We are adjacent to the TGIF restaurant on Erie, and across the street from the Corner Bakery. There are plenty of choices of nice hotels close to the office.